The Esther Heesch Magic is a website dedicated to the beautiful and talented German model Esther Heesch.  Some important words must follow.

We are a fansite AND therefore NOT OFFICIAL. This means that WE DO NOT KNOW Esther or represent her in any way, shape, form or capacity. We do not have her phone number, address or email. We cannot relay messages to her. We do not know anyone who knows her. Sorry, guys. That’s what it is.

We want to gather as many files as possible in order to form some sort of portfolio for you to browse orderly. Naturally, we do not own images. Our purpose is purely artistic and recreational.

Credits are normally given. If not, it is because we got the file from somewhere we do not remember. If this is the case, help us to remember.

This is it, folks. Have a nice stay. We hope you enjoy the galleries.




Fashion Shows, including Resort and Pre-Fall Lookbooks